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Recycling Programme.

Recycle your old Profyle Card and get £3 off a replacement card

Our mission at Profyle Card is to eliminate single-use business cards, and whilst our recycled PVC cards are designed to be super durable and resilient, we know that even with great care, they won’t last forever. This is where our Profyle Card Recycling Programme comes in. 

By sending back your worn-out Profyle Card, you’re not only helping us to recycle it and turn it into something new, but you avoid it ending up in landfill – as well as earning £3 off a replacement card!

How it works

  1. Register your worn-out Profyle Card into our Recycling programme. 
  2. You’ll receive an email to the address associated with your card asking you to confirm it’s yours. Once confirmed, your card will be erased, ensuring your data is no longer accessible. 
  3. Next, you’ll receive an email with postage instructions. Pop your card in a small envelope and post back to us. We recommend taking a photo or requesting proof of postage. 
  4. Finally, as soon as your card arrives at our facilities we will confirm receipt and send you a discount code towards your replacement.