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Say hello to your last business card.

Elevate your team’s networking with digital business cards from Profyle Card – the smart, sustainable, and feature-packed alternative to traditional cards.


Our innovative technology helps bring businesses of all sizes into the modern age, while also being kinder to the environment. Let us help your business be the best it can be!


Tapping is the new handshake.

Profyle enables seamless transfer of all your contact details without the need to physically exchange cards or to download any extra apps!

Traditional business cards are printed in bulk, go out of date quickly and are often just thrown away. 

Profyle enables you to update your details at any time and re-use the same card over and over again!

Secure & Safe.

Keep yourself, team and others safe.

In a post COVID-19 world we need to make sure we are doing everything we can to protect ourselves and others.

Profyle Card enables safe and seamless transfer of contact details, social media links, documents and video without the need to swap cards, perfect for any event or meeting.


Sharing is caring.

Profyle Card allows you to share over 25+ social media profiles with a simple tap or snap, all without the use of any apps!

Share links to Facebook, LinkedIn, Dribbble, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Slack, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and many more….

Profyle Card can also contain customised calls-to-action such as – product brochures, pricing lists, company reports etc.


Environment & Sustainability.

Traditional business cards are outdated and harmful to the environment.

Profyle Card enables a business to re-use and update the same card over and over again, reducing the reliance on single-use paper cards.

Even our minimal packaging materials are recyclable or made from recycled materials.

Device Compatibility.

Works with devices, old & new.

We know that not everyone has the latest device with the latest NFC features. That’s why every Profyle Card also has a unique QR Code as well as NFC to ensure you can share your details with anyone, no matter what device they have!

Check the device compatibility list here

The Card.

Customise Profyle Cards with your company’s branding elements. These cards allow users/employees to share info by simply tapping the NFC card or scanning the QR Code with a smartphone or device.

Custom Branding.

Custom Branding.

Design a unique and brand forward alternative to traditional paper cards.

We have spent hundreds of hours creating a card template that enables all the features of our NFC and QR Code technology and maximum space to create a true brand experience for our customers. 

Our cards are printed full colour CMYK front and back and come with Design Guidelines  or you can avail of the design team here in Profyle Card to help create and amazing design for you and your business. 

NFC & QR Code.

NFC & QR Code.

Profyle Cards offer a better way to exchange contact information without the risk of the card being lost or thrown away. Using NFC and QR code technology allows you to share your information with anyone and the durable material makes  them resistant to damage.

Upgrade to Profyle Cards now for a more effective and reliable way to share your contact information.

Check our device compatibility list here

Card Materials. New

Card Materials.

Profyle Cards are available in the two following base materials for printing and design.

Standard Plastic Card
Standard Plastic Card which is a base white card perfect for vibrant colour prints highlighting your brand.

Hybrid Metal Card 
Our new Hybrid Metal Card has been developed over a year of tireless research and development and brings together the best features and finishes to create a truly premium look and feel with out the hefty price tag of competitors cards. 

Printing Extras. New

Printing Extras.

At Profyle Card we like to ensure our cards stand out from the crowd and make your brand sing when you are using them, that is why we have invested time and research to bring together some great extra features for you card design. 

Spot Gloss UV
Give your card a little extra pop with gloss finish on your logo or design, talk to our design team to learn more.

Edge Printing

Add a premium feel to your card with edge printing, match your brand colours across the whole card and stand out from the crowd.

Landing Pages.

Your fully-customisable digital profyles contain essential user/employee data and links to company and marketing information. Profyle landing pages can be include any number of social media profiles, websites, products, and other digital content.



Just as our physical cards can be branded so can your Profyle pages to create a visually stunning introduction to new contacts and connections.

Assign photo, name and title for each employee

Share contact details via vCard technology

Set calendar reminders for new contacts

Exchange details with a new connection.

25+ Social media profiles to share



A vCard is an electronic business card that can be used to store and exchange contact information between devices and software. It can contain various details about a person and can be attached to emails or sent as a standalone file.

Our vCards can be created and edited using the Admin Portal and are the ultimate way to share contact information electronically.

Videos & Files.

Videos & Files.

Profyle pages can be enhanced even further by featuring hero videos and images or adding links to other marketing materials or downloads.

From the admin portal you can even set up different hero sections and links for different groups within your organisation based on company function or office location for example

*videos hosted from third-party websites, YouTube/Vimeo or a dedicated URL to a MP4 file.

Exchange. New


We know not everyone you meet will have a Profyle Card of their own, so we created a simple and intuitive way to exchange details. Simply have your new contact enter their name and email address on your Profyle Page and both parties will be sent an intro email.

On top of this you can also set calendar reminders for new contacts when you meet them through your Profyle Page. 

Each Profyle Page gives users the ability to set a Calendar reminder there and then for any new client or customer they meet IRL. 



Profyle Card comes with multi-lingual support baked straight in! This can be useful for companies operating in multiple regions or for users who want to use a product in their preferred language. Profyle Pages automatically detecting the language of the user’s device and auto translate the interface for them.

Profye Cards multi-lingual support can help businesses reach a wider audience and provide a better user experience.

We currently support English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and are constantly adding more, get in touch if you require a specific translation.



On top of Profyles main features and customisation, we can offer additional integrations for your cards. We can help add CRM integrations for services like Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics and more….

We also offer options for custom API integrations as well as integration with HR systems, talk to to us about how we can help.

Admin Portal.

Our admin portal is a web-based platform that allows designated administrators to manage and configure various aspects of  Profyle Cards products and services. This includes tools for user/employee card management, data management, and system settings



Experience smarter and more efficient operations with our dashboard, providing freedom from administrative work. Our system centralises and maintains all employee records, empowering HR staff to support employees’ growth by reducing admin tasks.

Easily make unified decisions and manage global employee data through the dashboard. Drive engagement and revenue with seamless data exchange.

Control access to documents, modules, and locations using the Admin Portal and validate employee check-ins and time logs with IP and Geo-tracking.

* new features and layout coming 2023

Edit & Change.

Edit & Change.

Managing user information is a breeze with our Admin Portal. You have the flexibility to import, add, or invite users directly, or opt for seamless synchronisation through HR system integrations*.

Profyle’s self-service functionality, when enabled by an organisation, provides the ability for users to modify their own contact details or register for their own digital profyle card.

Physical NFC cards can be manually allocated and distributed by an account administrator, or can be self-activated by your employees.

* talk to us about your integration requirements



Organise your workforce by departments, locations or job roles, establishing a solid foundation for error-free management.

Groups also provide the ability to have different profyle layouts for different people within your organisation.

If you have multiple business units, no worries. The Profyle Admin Portal allows you to efficiently manage all of them. Simply add your entities and their divisions to build your organisational structure, making employee data management a seamless process.

Custom Fields.

Custom Fields.

There are a variety of details to collect from employees based on organisational or local regulations. Customise forms with fields and permissions, empowering employees to add or edit their information, which reduces errors, redundancy, and administrative burden.

With all changes accurately and automatically captured, you can be confident that you’re working with the latest information, effortlessly managed through the Admin Portal.



For general and technical support, check out our help FAQs. If you need assistance, drop us an email, and our support staff will respond within 24 hours with a solution.

If you’re facing issues with a product you’re already using, engage with experts from the Profyle Card support team for additional support.

For personalised assistance, raise a ticket detailing your needs, and our support team will gladly lend a helping hand!

Data & Security.

Data & Security.

We prioritise secure employee database management with a seamless and robust approach. Ensuring the privacy of business and employee data is our top priority.

We handle compliance with data security and privacy protocols is essential for your business reputation. Our Admin Portal offers field-level access controls, encryption, and other robust security measures. You can grant access to employee information based on job roles and responsibilities.

Reach out to our team to discuss more about any GDPR, DPA or general questions you may have about security. 

Testimonials & Clients.