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Paper business cards get thrown away


Every day, millions of paper business cards are printed and distributed across the world. While these cards are a great way to spread information, they are also creating a massive amount of unnecessary waste. 

The average business card recipient will keep the card for an average of 5.3 months, with many not even making it that long. After those 5.3 months, the card is more than likely thrown away and ends up in a landfill. It’s estimated that over 10 billion business cards are thrown away each year in the US alone. That’s a lot of waste! But why is it happening? Well, it’s not because people don’t care about the environment. In fact, many people would prefer to keep their contact information digitally where it’s easier to store and access. 

The problem is that there is still a lack of digital alternatives to the physical business card that are widely accepted. As a result, companies are still printing large amounts of cards, often without considering the environmental impact. The good news is that Profyle Contactless Business Cards can reduce the amount of waste created by traditional paper business cards and there are several benefits to using contactless plastic business cards over traditional paper cards:

  1. Durability: Profyle Cards are more durable and long-lasting than paper cards, which can easily become wrinkled, torn, or discoloured. Profyle Cards are also water-resistant, which means they won’t be damaged if they get wet.
  2. Professional appearance: Profyle Cards have a sleek, professional appearance that is more likely to make a good impression on potential clients or business partners.
  3. Convenience: Profyle Cards can be endlessly updated for employees and business owners alike, this can be especially convenient for attending events and conferences.
  4. Environmentally friendly: Profyle Cards are more environmentally friendly than paper cards because they can be reused and recycled. This means you can reduce your carbon footprint while still promoting your business.
  5. Customisation: Profyle Cards can be printed with custom designs and branding, which can help you stand out from the competition.

We encourage everyone we meet to spread awareness of the environmental impact of traditional paper business cards and hopefully encourage more companies to transition away from paper cards. Business cards are an essential part of doing business, but with a few simple changes such as choosing we can reduce the amount of waste they create. By opting for recycled materials or transitioning to Profyle Contactless Business Cards, we can help ensure that our business cards don’t end up in the trash.


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Photo by Beau Keally on Unsplash