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A history of QR Code Technology.


QR code (Quick Response code) technology is a two-dimensional barcode that can be read by a smartphone or other device equipped with a camera and the appropriate software. QR codes were first invented in 1994 by Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave as a way to track vehicles during the manufacturing process. However, it wasn’t until the early 2010s that QR codes began to be widely used in consumer applications.

The origins of QR code technology can be traced back to the development of barcode technology in the 1970s. Barcodes are linear, one-dimensional codes that consist of a series of lines and spaces of varying widths. They are used to encode information such as product descriptions and prices and can be read by a scanner. QR codes are similar to barcodes, but they are two-dimensional and can contain much more information.

QR codes are made up of black and white squares arranged in a specific pattern. The information encoded in a QR code can be read by a smartphone or other device with the appropriate software. This information can include a URL, text, or other data.

QR codes have a number of practical uses in our daily lives. One common use of QR codes is in marketing and advertising, where they are used to direct consumers to a specific website or offer. QR codes can also be used to access information about a product or service, such as nutritional information for food items or repair instructions for appliances.

QR codes are also commonly used in event ticketing, where they can be scanned at the entrance to an event to verify that a ticket is valid. They are also used in public transportation systems, where they can be scanned to pay for tickets or access transit services.

Another common use of QR Codes is in the sharing of contact information between different mobile devices, a great example of this are the Personal and Business versions of our contactless business cards.

Overall, QR code technology has made it easier for consumers to access information and make purchases. It is a technology that is sure to continue to play a significant role in our daily lives for years to come.


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