The People section allows you to manage details of all People within your Profyle Card account.

this includes:

  • Adding People
  • Deleting People
  • Editing a persons Profyle including their full details and Profyle Photo
  • Assigning a person to a Group
  • Managing people’s subscriptions
  • allocating  physical Profyle (NFC) Card
  • re-sending people welcome emails
  • Viewing a persons Online Profyle and QR code
  • viewing an individuals statistics and introductions
  • viewing an individuals collected business contacts and exporting as .csv file




  • Adding People

    To add a new person to your profyle card account click on the add “New Person” Button found on the top right hand side of the window on the people page

    This will open the "New Person" page where you can 

    • add their specific contact details
    • Add their social media profiles
    • Add their user photo and bio
    • Add details into custom fields that are unique to that specific person 
    • Override fields from the default layout for that person

    Once updated remember to click “Save” (or cancel) at the bottom of the page

  • Viewing a Persons Online Profyle

    You can view a persons online digital Profyle at any time from the People Section.

    When a person has been allocated an active subscription you will notice the icon will change on their line item in the people page

    To view their digital profyle first “click” anywhere on the users row on the people page to open their detailed Profyle page

    Clicking on the View Profyle Button on the top right-hand side will open a preview of the users personal digital Profyle in a separate browser window

    This preview shows the specific users digital Profyle as will be seen by anyone who scans their QR code, clicks on their digital Profyle or taps their phone on their physical Profyle card (NFC)

  • Updating a Persons Profyle Photo

    As an admin user you can update a person's profyle photo from the People section

    First select their name from the list of people

    Then click on the “EDIT DETAILS” Button

    This will open the Basic details page, you will need to scroll down the page until you see the User photo section, here you will find the Choose file option

    Next click the “Choose file” button

    This will open your devices or computers default file selection menu where you can select a photo that is saved on your device 

    Once selected the page will update to show you a preview of the uploaded image

    Please click the save button for this change to take effect

    you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the "Save button"

  • Editing a Persons Profyle

    As an admin user you can update a person’s full details from the people section,

    first click their name from the list of people 

    (Tip ! you can use the “Search Icon” on the top menu bar to quickly find a specific person)

    Then click on the “EDIT DETAILS” Button

    This will open the Basic details page, you will need to scroll down the page to view all of the fields and most importantly the “Save” updates button

    please dont forget to click the “save button” for any changes to be made

  • Managing Peoples Subscriptions

    When a person is first added to the people page they will not automatically be given an active subscription. This is indicated by the Red “No Profyle” Icon in the profyle type column

    To assign a person with an active profyle subscription first click anywhere on the persons row

    This opens the “detailed” person page

    Next click on the “Assign Subscription” Button on the top right-hand side of the screen

    This will open the Assign subscription page

    If you have purchased subscriptions that are not currently being used you will see the option "Digital profyle only" selected as default.

    Once you are happy with the option selected, you can click “Assign subscription” Button (or Cancel)

    Selecting the option for “welcome” email when assigning a subscription

    Please note, the “Send email” option is also selected by default, when you assign the subscription this will automatically send the user an email, welcoming them and providing them instructions on how to save their digital business card to their phone

    If you do not want the email to be sent simply click to remove the option, the email will not be sent.

    Note: There is an option to send the welcome email directly at any time from the people page using the “Manage” menu option

  • Allocating People NFC Cards

    You can allocate a physical NFC Card to a person from the People section

    First click on the person in the list view

    (Tip ! you can search directly for a person using the search bar Icon in the top right hand corner of the Admin Portal)

    Next “Click” on the “Add NFC Card” Button found on the top right-hand side

    This opens the Assign Subscription page 

    Note: If the person already has an active subscription you will see a “Green” Prompt the system will use this existing subscription and not assign a new subscription

    For users with an active subscription the assign Digital Profyle and physical NFC Card option will already be selected

    Directly below this you will see the enter 6-digit Card ID field

    If you click into the field and enter the Card ID from the physical Profyle card

    The Assign Subscription Button will become “active” (highlighted in colour) at bottom of the screen. 

    Click Assign Subscription Button the NFC card will be allocated

    Note: You may need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the “Assign subscription” Button

  • Assigning People to Groups

    You can assign people to Groups individually or by selecting muliple people within the people section.

    First select the people you want to add to the new group, using the selection box option on the left side of the person’s profyle picture

    With the people selected you can now click on the “Move to group” from the action button on the right hand side of the page  

    and select the required group to add the people into

    The “move button” will now highlight in colour, clicking the “Move Button” will save the change

    The “Group name” tab will now open and you can see the person has been moved into the group in this example “Sales Team”

    To view people by the groups (departments) you can change the view using the different tabs, the options are “View All” or view people by the specific groups you have created

    when you open the person's “Profyle” preview you will now see that the Groups unique layout is being used on their personal online profyle

  • Sending or re-sending people their digital profyle card and QR code

    The welcome email includes all information required for a new member. 

    To send a welcome email first open the users detailed profyle page by “clicking” anywhere on the users row, on the people page

    Then click on the “manage” menu option on their detailed Profyle page

    The option to send email is on their digital profyle options near the middle of the screen

    Clicking on the “email details” text will open the confirmation screen, please check the email is correct before sending

    Finally Click the “send email” button

    this will send the email immediately (or click cancel)

  • How can staff update their own personal Profyle information and Photo ?

    Your company can allow staff to be responsible for updating their own personal details for Profyle Card. This setting needs to be selected by an admin user, it is not ON as default. 

    This is a Global setting and applies to all people within your company’s profyle card account (as displayed on the people page).  

    The permission setting is available in the Settings Section it is called “Allow Profyle edits Feature” This can be toggled ON/OFF

    Once the necessary permission has been granted each person with an active Profyle will see an additional button appear on their profyle card. 

    Clicking on this button will open the edit page, to update their personal information, for added security they will be sent a one time link to make the necessary changes.  

  • Viewing a Persons Usage Statistics and Introductions

    A Persons Useage statistics can be viewed at any time from the People Section

    First select their name within the list of people

    This opens the persons details page, next click “Introductions”

    The introduction page includes a list of all people that chose to send their contact details along with the time and date, their short message and the location 

    high level statistics on total Intros made this month are also included

  • Viewing and exporting a persons profyle card business contacts

    Any persons business contacts can be viewed and exported at any time from the People section

    First select their name within the list of people

    This opens the detailed personal profyle page, next click “Introductions” Tab

    The Introduction Tab includes a list of all people that chose to send their contact details

    The profyle card collected contacts can be exported from here

    by clicking “export CSV option found top left of the contacts. 

    A Comma Separated Values (CSV) file is a plain text file that stores data by delimiting data entries with commas. CSV files are often used when data needs to be compatible with many different programs. CSVs can be opened in text editors, spreadsheet programs like Excel, or other specialised applications

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