The NFC Cards section allows you to manage all Physical NFC Cards assigned to your account (Purchased and not marked as lost).

this includes:

  • Registering a card as lost (Removes the NFC card completely and prevents viewing or use)
  • Disabling a card (temporarily)
  • Re-enabling a card
  • Reset a card (so that it can be re-assigned to another person)
  • Viewing the person that has been assigned the NFC card


NFC Cards

  • How do I purchase physcial NFC Profyle Cards ?

    A physical profyle card can be purchased from Profyle Card directly and linked to a person's subscription. These are available in a wide range of colours and branding options, they work using NFC technology, when a user taps the card with their mobile phone (device) that supports NFC reader, then the digital online profyle will be opened and a user can quickly swap contact details, along with details of the meeting and location.

    For phones or older devices that do not support NFC the card also includes a QR code the same as used on the digital profyle card, when a user holds the phones camera viewfinder on this QR code, the phone will prompt the user with the registered URL address and this can be clicked to launch the online digital profyle

  • How do I link a physical NFC Profyle Card to a person

    There are two ways to link a physcial NFC Profyle Card

    1. Using the portal 
    2. Tapping or scanning the Barcode on an unallocated NFC Card from your mobile device

    But first you will need to check the ID number of the physcial NFC Card is also visible in the list of available NFC Cards and that it is NOT already allocated to a person

    Using the Enterprise Portal

    Companies that have physical Profyle Cards (NFC) can use the enterprise portal to manage these cards. When a company purchases physical Profyle cards, they will automatically be added to your enterprise portal ready to be activated and allocated to an individual. Once this process has been completed the physical profyle cards can be used.

    First open the enterprise portal and click on NFC Cards Menu Option

    This opens the NFC page where you can see all of the ID numbers for the physical Profyle cards (NFC) that you have purchased (and have not been marked as lost)

    You should be able to see the card number that is also printed on the physical Profyle Card directly below the QR code

    Useful Tip - you can search directly for the card ID number using the search bar Icon in the top right hand corner of the enterprise portal

    If you “Copy” the Card ID number from within the portal (or write it down) you can then assign this Card ID number to a person and it will link to their Online Profyle

    Next Click on the People menu option

    Then click on the person in the list view

    Useful Tip - you can search directly for a person using the search bar Icon in the top right hand corner of the enterprise portal

    Next “Click” on the “Add NFC Card” Button found on the top right-hand side

    This opens the Assign Subscription page 

    Note: If the person already has an active subscription you will see a “Green” Prompt the system will use this existing subscription and not assign a new subscription

    For users with an active subscription the assign Digital Profyle and physical NFC Card option will already be selected

    Directly below this you will see the enter 6-digit Card ID field

    If you click into the field and enter the Card ID from the physical Profyle card 

    The Assign Subscription Button will become “active” (highlighted in colour) at bottom of the screen. 

    Click Assign Subscription Button the NFC card will be allocated

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