The Billing Section is where you can view your subscription renewal date, your billing history and purchase new subscriptions and NFC cards


  • All subscriptions are renewed yearly regardless of when they were first purchased
  • Subscriptions purchased part way through the year will be pro-rated down so that you only pay for the time the subscription is actually used for and not the full years subscription price.

Functions Include

  • See your subscription year end date
  • View Total subscriptions purchased
  • View Active Subscriptions allocated
  • View Total number of  NFC Cards purchased
  • View number of Allocated NFC Card
  • Purchase new subscriptions
  • Purchase new NFC Cards




  • Can I purchase new subscriptions ?

    A new subscription can be purchased at any time from within the Billing Section by clicking “Purchase Subscriptions” within the Account details section.

    This will open the payment page with the relevant subscription price displayed and your credit card securly stored

    you can select how many subscprtions to purchase and complete the payment process from here

    Remember once you have purchased the subscription you will need to assign it to a person, for it to be used

  • How are my Subscriptions Charged ?

    When you first registered your companies Profyle Card Account and purchased your first subscriptions you will have agreed a yearly renewal date for all subscriptions

    All subscriptions on the account at the time of your yearly renewal date, will renew for a full year in advance (12 months) 

    If additional subscriptions have been purchased part way through the year, then they will have been pro-rated down in price, so that you only paid for the time the subscription was used and not the full subscription year.

    for example if another subscription is purchased mid-year, you will only pay for the remaining months at the pro-rated rate rather than being charged the full annual fee 

  • Can I view my companies historic purchases ?

    As an admin user you can view your companies historic purchases from the Billing Section

    these are displayed in a list format with time and date and Qty of subscrptions purchased within "Subscription History"

  • Can I order Physical NFC Cards directly ?

    Physcial (NFC) Profyle Cards can be purchased at any time from the Billing Section, by clicking “Purchase NFC Cards” within the Account details section. 

    This will open the Purchase NFC Card page

    You will have a choice to order standard coloured cards directly from within the enterprise portal, you can complete the payment process from here

    Or for full custom designed you will need to complete the form and a member of our design team will contact you to arrange directly

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