The Admins section is where you can manage your Admin Portal users and view your audit log

this includes

  • Viewing Admin Users
  • Inviting (Add) Admin Users
  • Deleting Admin Users
  • Seeing if an Admin users has accepted their invite
  • Viewing Audit Log for all activity within the system


  • You can have multiple Admin Users
  • You need at least one Admin User at all time



  • How do I add a new Admin User?

    Before you add an admin user for security it is important to check this person has permissions for this role, once an Admin user has been invited, they have full control over your companies Profyle Card account and can log into the Admin Portal

    You can add a new Admin user from the Admin section.

    • First Click on the “Invite Admin” Tab
    • Next enter their email address into the Authorised Email Field
    • Check the email is correct before sending
    • Click “Send Invite” Button
    • You will see a prompt in the bottom left hand corner of the screen to confirm email has been sent

    The new Admin user will now receive an email

    they will need to open the email and “Click” on the “Accept Invitation” Button within the body of the email

    Once this has been done, their status will update from “Invite Pending” 

    Your name will also be displayed in the list view with a “Green Pill Shape” with the word “YOU”

  • How do I delete an Admin user ?

    Before you delete an admin user you need to ensure there is another Admin user entered into the system, this is because there always needs to be an active admin user for the system to be used. 

    If there are multiple Admin users in the system then you can delete any of them.

    An Admin user can be added or removed (deleted) from the Admin Section

    To delete an Admin user first Click on the “Admin User” Tab

    you will see a list of Admin users displayed in a table format

    look down the list until you see the name and email address of the user you wish to Delete

    If look on the right hand side of their line item you will see a Delete Icon shaped like a “Bin”

    Click on this Icon

    You will be prompted by your device “are you sure you want to delete this user” as this is a permanent action.

    If you Click “OK” the Admin User will be deleted

    Note: if the Admin user also has a subscription, this will not be effected they can continue to use Profyle Card, they have only been removed as an Admin user for the Admin Portal. They will no longer be able to log into the enterprise portal.

  • How do I change an Admin users email address ?

    The best way to change the admin users email address is to add a new admin user with the new email address and accept the invite.

    Once the Invite has been accepted you can delete the admin user with the old email address

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