The Settings Section is where you can manage your companies Profyle card system settings, import and export data on mass, scan physical (NFC) Profyle cards and view the audit log.



  • How do I enable people in my organisation to register for an available subscription directly?

    Once you have purchased your subscriptions the admin user can enable a setting called Self service Registration, that creates a self service URL that you can send to your staff, that allows them to register and be assigned an available subscription directly

    The setting can be found with the title Self-Service Registration 

    You will need to enable this setting, and enter the company domains used by your business for example "" seperate each domain with a semi colon ";"

    for this to be enabled and work correctly.

    Please note you need to have purchased a bulk amount of subscriptions in advance for this to work and you will need to send the URL directly to members of staff

  • How do I allow any profyle card owner to edit their own details ?

    As an admin user can enable the feature to enable each subscription owner, to edit their own personal details and Photo from the enterprise portal settings section

    The setting can be found within the “Self Service Profyle Edits” area of the settings tab

    the settings is called “Enable Profyle owners to edit their own details”

    When this setting is enabled, a Button will appear on the owners Digital Business Card labelled “update my details”

    when they click this button, they will be sent a 1-time-secure-link via the registered email address

    This link can be used for a limited time period to update their details and photo directly from their mobile device or PC

  • How do I allow Profyle Card owners to access their own collected “contacts” without using the enterprise portal ?

    Every time your team swap contact details using profyle card, their contacts are stored with location and notes, these can be accessed directly by the person that owns the digital profyle card subscrption by opening their Digital Business Card" and clicking on the button "View Collected contact details"

    For security this option can be enabled or dissabled directly from the settings section of the enterprise portal

    To enable or dissable this feature first open the settings section and find the "Exchange Details" Title in the top left hand side of the page, within this section you will find the option

    "Allow Profyle owners to access their own collected visitor details" 

    ensure this is set to the enabled state and the Button will appear on all digital business cards

    if you choose to dissable this, the button will be removed from all digital business cards and can only be accessed by the admin user directly from the enterprise portal.


  • Ho do I link my Profyle Card Contacts to my CRM system ?

    You can enable your Digital Profyle Card connections to automatically be sent to your CRM system for sales pipeline managment or centralised contacts via the online portal settings section.

    You will find this setting at the top of the settings Tab, under the title Exchange Details

    The setting "Enable exchange details feature (Introductions)" needs to be enabled and your CRM systems collection email address entered directly into the field below.

    this will ensure every-one you connect to with your Profyle Card will have their details sent directly to your CRM systems via your CRM's collect emaill address

  • How do I Import a large number of people into the system in one go ?

    If you need to onboard a large number of people into the system, this can be done using the import people option found within the settings section of the enterprise portal.

    You will first need to open the export people tab and “download” the template, you will need to use this template format for the import to work correctly.

    If you enter all of your peoples details directly into the template

    then click import people tab, click on the choose file button to open your devices menu,

    next select the “template” file that you entered all of the details into

    and click the import csv file button

    This will import all of the people into the system exactly as entered into the “template”

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